Chapter U Military Veterans    

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John Curtis, US Navy


Ron DeLaughter, US Army


Jack Dowda, US Navy

7 years 1960-1967

BT 3rd Class

Vietnam Medal, National Defense Medal

Server on the USS Deliver ARS23, USS Ponchatoula AO 148, USS Zelima AF 49

Was fuel oil king on the USS Ponchatoula for 18 months

Tom Hendricks, US Army

8 Years 1972 - 1980

Tom T

Ken Jordan, US Army

Rick Kendrick, US Air Force

4 Years 1969-1973

J.D. Kvapil, US Army

Sal Pesta, CSM US Army

24 + years

CSM, Distinguished Grad, Drill Sergeant School

Infantry Training Platoon Sergeant of the year 1966

Helped start the Drill Sergeant Program

Commandant of Drill Sergeant School 1979-1981, Fort Dix, N.J.

Wolfhound 27th Infantry Regiment

"Once a Wolfhound, Always a Wolfhound"

Brad Severe, US Army


Jill Severe, US Army

Ed Smith, US Air Force

4 Years 1975-1979

Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Systems Repairman

Beth Surre, US Army (Active)

1 1/2 Years


Skip Surre, US Army

10 Years 1982-2002


Danny R. Trammell U. S. Navy

6 Years 1973-1979

E5 AT2

In-flight technician on P3 Orion aircraft.

Served with Patrol Squadron 9 and 50


Court van Sickler, Senior Master SergeantUS Air Force

22 years

USAF Air Traffic Controller

Pat Wall, US Navy

6 years 1974-1980

Served on USA New DD818

Michael Whiteside, US Navy

4 years 1957-1961

FT2 (E-5)

Served on USS Frontier AD-25 and USS Mahan DLG-11

Linda Brackeen , US Army

Tom Byrd, US Marines & US Army

Charlie Brown, US Navy

Juan Busanet, US Army

Rod Cotter, US Air Force

Guy Custer, US Air Force

Mike Edmonds, US Army

Reynaldo Espinosa, US Air Force

Bob Fairey, US Army

Wayne Fuquay, US Air Force

Olin Gover, US Army

 Dave Long, US Army

Brent Lyon, US Air Force

John McClinton, US Army

Mike Mills, US Navy

Bert Navin, US Air Force

Steve Ochs, US Air Force

Harrel Scott, US Army

Tony Stokely, US Army

Buddy Todd, US Army

Jim Triplett, US Army

Dave Weaver, US Air Force

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