Chapter U Military Veterans    

If you have served in the Armed Forces please send your name, branch of service,

number of years, and any picture of you in your uniform to Ed Smith

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Ron DeLaughter, US Army

Jack Dowda, US Navy

Linda Brackeen , US Army

Brad Severe, US Army


Jill Severe, US Army

Tom Byrd, US Marines & US Army

Buddy Todd, US Army


Mike Mills, US Navy


Court Van Sickler, US AirForce


Brent Lyon, US Air Force

J.D. Kvapil, US Army

Bert Navin, US Air Force

 Dave Long, US Army

Reynaldo Espinosa, US Air Force

Dave Weaver, US Air Force

Sal Pesta, US Army

John Curtis, US Navy

Bob Fairey, US Army

Guy Custer, US Air Force

Charlie Brown, US Navy

Tony Stokely, US Army

Rod Cotter, US Air Force

Ken Jordan, US Army

Steve Ochs, US Air Force


Olin Gover, US Army


Mike Edmonds, US Army

John McClinton, US Army


Wayne Fuquay, US Air Force

Juan Busanet, US Army

Harrel Scott, US Army

Jim Triplett, US Army

Ed Smith, US Air Force


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