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Chapter U Welcome Letter

On the behalf of the "United Wings", Chapter U, Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) which represents the Northeastern and surround areas outside San Antonio, Texas, I would like to welcome you to our Chapter and our web site.  Our mission is to gather with a group of individuals who have a common interest in riding motorcycles, in particular Honda Gold Wing and Valkyrie Motorcycles  (but we also welcome non-Gold Wing owners in our Association).  We gather several times per month, once for a meeting on the third Wednesday of the month and additionally for rides, combined with meals and/or destinations or events at ever-changing locations.  We also publish a monthly newsletter, available on our web site,, which discusses past happenings and list upcoming events.

We are all about "Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge."  Our purpose is to socialize with friends plus talk and experience Honda Motorcycling and events, like rallies, that revolve around motorcycles.  The United Wings are a medium size group that prides itself in being friendly and personal, knowing each member on a first name basis.  We hope that you enjoy this camaraderie plus the total GWRRA environment, and hopefully you can get involved in a few of the charitable and fun events that we participate in each year.

Once again, we thank you for your interest in Chapter U, "United Wings", Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) and we look forward to learning more about you, and seeing you at one of our upcoming events.


Scott Hay

Chapter Director

Chapter U, "United Wings"

 Texas District

Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA)


The Gold Wing Road Riders Association is the world’s largest single-marquee social organization for owners and riders of Honda Gold Wing and Valkyrie motorcycles, and some would say, the world’s largest family.  Dedicated to our motto, “Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge”, GWRRA members enjoy the freedom of belonging to a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization.  Founded in 1977, GWRRA has grown to over 70,000 U.S, Canadian and international members in over 50 foreign countries.

As part of the largest motorcycle owners/riders organization in the world, we promote safety, fun and knowledge to our members and families and try to educate the public in awareness of the vulnerability of motorcycle riders everywhere.

 The Chapter is the single most important benefit of GWRRA because:

We make Friends.

We ride our motorcycles with our friends.

We promote safe riding to enhance our motorcycle experience.

We learn skills and safety techniques for riding.

We provide an atmosphere for people to socialize and develop camaraderie between participants.

We are family oriented.

 “United Wings”, Chapter U, represents the Northeastern and surrounding areas outside San Antonio, Texas (Including Bracken, Bulverde, Canyon Lake, Cibolo, Converse, Floresville, Garden Ridge, Kirby, Live Oak, McQueeny, New Braunfels, Pleasanton, Poth, Sattler, Schertz, Spring Branch, Seguin, Windcrest, & Universal City).  We were re-chartered as a GWRRA chapter in 2006 and consider ourselves to be a "riding" chapter and part of the world's largest family.  We love to ride and anyone who enjoys being around fun-loving people is welcome to join us at our monthly Gathering or contact one of Chapter Team members for more Chapter information.

Please feel free to participate in all our Chapter activities and get involved.  Our Chapter only grows if we have people willing to dive-in and add their special talents.

If you have any questions about GWRRA or Chapter “U”, please grab the nearest Chapter participant and ask. We’re all available to help.

Whether this is your first time with the group, or if you’re a veteran of other motorcycle organizations, you will be instantly connected to a great and diverse community who share the passion of Honda and Valkyrie motorcycles and motorcycle touring.  On behalf of all of the Chapter Officers and Directors, we strongly encourage you to get involved with GWRRA and Chapter U to maximize your membership experience.  Whether it’s leading an occasional Saturday ride, or hosting a presentation at a club meeting on a subject of interest, or lending assistance at one of our Regional or District rallies, our club lives and thrives based upon the dedication of its members to share the fun of motorcycling with others.

 Ride safe! Have fUn!


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