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Rider Ed / Levels Program

Welcome to GWRRA Rider Education



"Safety is for Life" 



Our Mission...



" To Save Lives Through Quality, World Class Education"



How to check your Rider Education Completed Courses

Rider Education Goals

Increased rider knowledge

Increased rider safety skills

Prevention of accidents

Reduced injuries

Reduced fatalities

Improved general public image of motorcyclists

Enhanced enjoyment of motorcycle riding

Make safety first and make it last.

Chapter "U" Levels Program Participants

Level I: Safety by Commitment - The first big step to success

Level I of the Rider Education Program is also referred to as Safe Miles. It represents the commitment of the Rider and/or the Co-Rider to practice safe motorcycle operation whenever they operate their motorcycle. 

Phil Agurrie Sandy Agurrie
Eugene Barta Rhonda Barta
DeWayne Carmichael Clara Nelson
Richard "Lucky" Carter Karla Cook
Gary Ellis JR Gressler
Tim Gressler Michael Harris
Bill Johnson Jane Johnson
J.D. Kvapil Millie Kvapil
Tim McKee John O'Brien
Glen Outlaw Donna Outlaw
Dinah Ryson Pete Ryson
Danny Trammell Barbara Trammell
Carol Wall Pat Wall
Charlene Young Dwaine Smith


Level II: Safety by Education

Level II of the REP is also referred to as Tour Rider. It represents the commitment of the Rider and/or Co-Rider to be safer motorcycle riders by taking approved motorcycle riding courses at regular intervals.

Sharon Haley   David Weaver 


Level III: Safety by Preparedness

Level III of the REP is also referred to as Certified Tour Rider/Co-Rider. It represents the commitment of the Rider and/or Co-Rider to be prepared in the event of an accident to give aid and possibly save lives. This is done by being knowledgeable in First Aid or CPR and carrying a first aid kit on their motorcycle at all times.

Archie Haley Ed Smith
Scott Hay Debbie Hay


Level IV: Safety By Enhanced Commitment and Preparedness

Level IV is the most prestigious of the REP levels and is referred to as Master Tour Rider/Co-Rider. It represents the highest commitment of the Rider and/or Co-Rider to safe riding and preparedness. This commitment is shown by a demonstrated history of safe miles and current certification in both First Aid and CPR. These Master Tour Riders/Co-Riders are the finest example to everyone of the highest commitment to safe motorcycle operation and preparedness.

Larry Hammond Tom Hendricks
Pat Kendrick Rick Kendrick
Sam Morris Sheila Morris
Phylis Pesta Sal Pesta
Helen Smith Mike Whiteside
Donna Van Gilder Steve Van Gilder
Diane van Sickler  


SENIOR MASTER: Master Recognition Program

Recognition for years in Level IV.  5 years - Senior Master

Court van Sickler  


Grand MASTER: Master Recognition Program

Recognition for years in Level IV.  10 years - Grand Master

Connie Jordan Ken Jordan
Brad Severe Jill Severe



Rider Safety Information Links

Other Useful Links

Education & Training Links

For all your rider education program (REP) training , visit these websites!

Red Cross:  CPR and First Aid Courses (San Antonio)

MSF: Rider Training Courses (BRC & ERC) (Texas)

Chapter Rider Education Articles

These are articles that apply to riding all the time. 
For other Educator articles see the Chapter newsletters.

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